What To Expect From The Best SEO Reseller


The best SEO reseller knows that 70 percent of users click on links that seem more natural. This excludes obvious advertisements, and it is an important part of the benefit of search engine optimization. Search engines rely on algorithms to tell them which site a user may be most interested in, and using these various formulas, are able to produce pages which list a priority of websites. 75 percent of search engine users will look for and find their results on the first search engine result page, which underlines the important of what the best SEO reseller will always be trying to accomplish. Seo resellers use search marketing to get their clients higher on these rankings, and thus make them more visible on the first page of results.

This could be the difference between several hundreds of thousands of hits within a month, and for a company that deals in eCommerce, may mean far more profitability if it is accomplished. With $200 billion in sales in the eCommerce sector in 2011, the importance of first page results cannot be underestimated. Social media sites do their share as well, and the best SEO reseller will have means to target social networks when and wherever available to get more marketing proliferation for their respective clients. By engaging in social marketing in combination with online marketing through search engines, a business may be able to dramatically increase online sales. 30 percent of companies will outsource some of their social media marketing, 2 percent more than in 2011. Resellers need to address this rising need, among others.

Web design can also play a crucial role in the effectiveness of what the best SEO reseller has to offer, as design leads to both more user appeal and better results when graded objectively. Better coding means more security, which means higher results on a search engine. The best SEO reseller can and will address these issues as they arise, and meet the challenges that internet marketing can present. With more online connections coming via smartphones and tablet PCs, online marketing and sales are becoming a mobile market. Brick and mortar stores face more challenges than ever before from online competition. Even large retail locations need an online presence, and the best SEO reseller is aware of how businesses of any size will need to compete in this new and ever changing way of doing business.

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