When you’re growing a successful website of any kind (e-commerce, blog, etc…) you want to be prepared for a surge in traffic. This might occur with a big sale, media exposure, or a highly anticipated announcement. Are you ready for a high-traffic event or will your servers crash as soon as users visit? Here’s what managed IT services ┬ácan do to help you ready to welcome a new flow of visitors.

Triple-Check For Vulnerabilities

Nobody is immune to cyber crime. Damage from cyber crime is projected to reach $6 trillion each year by 2021, and that’s not just on high-traffic and big-money sites. You need to be sure that any vulnerabilities are patched as part of security management to protect yourself and your site visitors — especially if you handle their personal information like credit card numbers.

Look For Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are areas of your site where traffic can really get slowed down. Common bottlenecks include long running queries, pieces that aren’t scaling, and underutilization of the browser’s cache. Setting up a waterfall chart to track any potential bottlenecks before, during, and after the high-traffic event can help immensely.

Lots of Images? High Quality and Compression Are Key

If your site has a lot of images and a lot of visitors attempting to view those images, your load time can drag and visitors will bounce quickly. Make sure your images are as good a combination of high quality and compressed as you can get to keep things efficient.

Set Up A CDN

A content delivery network, or CDN, creates faster load times by moving a bunch of static content on your website to off-site servers worldwide, and ideally closer to your customers.

Vary Your Capacity Accordingly

With higher traffic, you should aim for a higher capacity and scaled-up resources. Make sure everything is scaled back accordingly once the high-traffic event has ended. You don’t need to be going full steam ahead all the time.

It’s a lot, right? It’s hard work being successful! Luckily, that’s what managed IT services are for. If you need a hand optimizing your site for an upcoming surge in traffic, call us at RDE Tech to see how we can help.


5 steps to seo reselling

Becoming an SEO reseller is a great way to make a stable income, while personally impacting the health of local businesses in your area. An SEO reseller helps their clients identify opportunities to improve their online presence through search engine optimization, and sells them services that are facilitated by a white label firm. A white label SEO provider is the company that sells SEO services to resellers at wholesale prices; the services are brande

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Social media

Are you considering working with an SEO reseller? If so, make sure you do a lot of research before committing to any one social media reseller. Though outsourcing SEO can be a terrific decision for many companies, it is very important to make sure that the white label SEO you decide to work with is the best SEO reseller to meet your needs. If doing your own Search Engine Optimization in house just is not a great choice for your organization, you can absolutely find Seo reseller programs who will work with you to develop the best SEO marketing strategy you are capable of executing. Should you not have an in house team with the proper training or experience to handle SEO online, an SEO reseller plan can be a great asset to you.

If you decide to go the white label SEO route, it is important to make sure that the SEO reseller you work with has your best interests at heart. If you have put in the time and energy to make sure the reseller is the right one, you will benefit from working with a team whose wide ranging expertise and extensive experience with SEO reseller programs can help you achieve the best search rankings possible. White label SEO strategies, when employed properly, will save you money and time in the long run so that your resources are freed up and can be put towards other ventures.

A white label SEO can maximize your web presence by keying in to the needs of possible customers who want what it is you are selling. White label SEO and Seo reseller programs certainly will make a positive difference in your search rankings, but of much greater relevance, the white label SEO team will work to create meaningful online user experiences that authentically fulfill consumer needs. The long term result will be a fatter bottom line.

The most important point to consider when choosing which white label SEO to work with is just how important it is to find out about the overall track record each company you interview has had in regards to SEO and sales generation. The white label SEO you partner up with must be able to focus on building an online bridge between your business and new customers by using Search Engine Optimization as a tool. Your white label SEO should not only have a marketing plan in place, the team must be able to show you how the effectiveness of that plan can be measured, and they have to provide hard data illustrating the results. If you have done your due diligence and settle on a great white label SEO, the partnership can positively impact your web presence, increase search rankings, and facilitate new relationships between your business and its customers.

Search Engine Marketing

The search engine marketing space is difficult. Our site will bring you news, tweets, articles and reviews. If you need a great White label SEO service, you should call HubShout at 888-266-6432. They are the hands-down winner for US-based reseller firms.

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