How SEO Outsourcing Generates Leads

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Internet marketing is heavily reliant on search engine optimization because 75 percent of people who use major search engines say they avoid clicking on paid advertisement links. Instead, most search engine users only click on organic links. Seo outsourcing is the best way to achieve a high organic position in major search engines, which ultimate leads to more online sales. The search engine industry alone is estimated to be worth around 16 billion dollars. The demands for search engine optimization services have create plenty of income opportunities for resellers. However, finding the right SEO firm can be a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with the techniques used to optimize a website.

Online retailers and service providers state 39 percent of all their customers generated come from search engines, which is another reason why SEO is so important. SEO service providers are helping retailers expand their business operations on the web. In fact, overall retail sales will be 9 percent online sales by the year 2016. Currently, 7 percent of online retail sales account for all sales made in the retail industry. The increasing popularity of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, are also impacting how the retail industry experiences online sales.

In addition to SEO and mobile devices, social media sites are impacting sales in the retail industry. Today, it’s common to find retail stores on social media networks. However, most online businesses only respond to about 30 percent of comments made by fans and followers in social media sites. Therefore, outsourcing SEO and social media marketing is important for online success. Today’s competitive business world is creating challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and local business owners. Overcoming these challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities that are being created is achieved by outsourcing crucial services for online success.

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